Thursday, January 8, 2009

"AUT" and have done: Travis Johnson, St. Augustine; Kali, Philadelphia

North Florida : St. Augustine mixed media shaker and mover, TRAVIS JOHNSON reminded the ULA's FDW at one point that HP Lovecraft spent some quality writing time in the Ancient City and for good reason.
Well it all begins to fall into place, doesn't it.
This amazing creative livelihood reflected in Travis' performing in big experimental "noise" music projects in mostly underground outlets cooperatively and independently, his organizing and hosting the notorious
WEIRD FILM SOCIETY FESTIVAL OF ST. AUGUSTINE, his genuinely surreal verse of an accomplished degree, and especially amazing textured paintings, found object bricolage and constructions, goes without saying, yet at the same time crazy grace under pressure from a right wing privileged Jim Crow contempt from the vested interests of law enforcement and commerce in America's oldest city.

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From Philadelphia's West Bank, its cold flats, squatter strongholds, newly rehabbed tenements expensively falling down under the weight of corrupt utility company monopolies and red- line Immanencies find below samples of the experimental socio-real expressionist "autiste"
KALI MILES CLARK. A self determined alchemist and gypsy wanderer haling from the crossroads of the Great Smokey Mountains... she is currently showing her work at the Satellite Coffee House at 50th and Baltimore much of which incorporates encaustic, hot organic bees wax techniques where found substances are suspended and applied to photographs that have the general effect of illuminating the arte-fact...