Monday, March 16, 2009

LAVA underground zeen and writng council rock

above: two of SUSAN SUBWAYS excellent per-zines taking to the next level with a hook of open eyed and celebratory street rooted and 'hood social real commentary in every speaking sentence...

below: Reed Books incredibly multi-dimensional and beautifully wrought meta-zine replete with four-color vellum "inner lays" and a CD of his action-reading this epic anarchist tome of sardonic and socio-economic proportions. ENOUGH said!

MANDY KATZ pulls a fast one,
flourishing "found" poetry: a bicycle repair manual that would give ee cummings a run for his mullah!

above: PAUL WALKER'S samizdat chap without reservations; touching mystically stoked lyrik findings of the transformational working class kind with ample pen and ink sketches by artist CORIN DROSS

Bicycle- engineer ( at the shop on the second floor above the Satellite Coffee Shop, in the Firehouse, southside Baltimore Ave. and 50th ) Walker reads to the full circle of the Friday the 13th of March gathering, 4135 Lancaster Avenue.


Mz. Subways story- tells for the urban ear and conscience ...

REED who is also a rad musicians in his own writes enters into the stream that is...

... The Nothing Factory!

host Dave Onion , the brains and heart in the LAVA autonomous space
[center] Kenneth [far right]: super-real prose vignettes of situations and and the people in 'em were shocking in their honesty but as well put down on the page and then read as any of the best writing to be experienced in the "underground!

Claire Christina
's subtle yet exceeding sharp verse allowed one to levitate for as long as their savor reverberated in the individual sensibilties.

"Jeepers "narrative poetry, free associative and thoughtful at the same instant, skimmed the universal while impressively resisting generalization.

Everyone included who read stood in the light and read with honesty, clarity, embracing plurality with natural voice confidently wielding efficient skill. What a break from the disconnect of typical academic and corporate literary events that hypnotized their unfortunate staid audiences with monotony and "sincere" posings...

A glimpse of the LAVA library as James Brown' s heads looks onward

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CEE Community Cultural Exchange Coming UP// Donnelly's Ditty SF pertaining to the repeal of gay marriage in CA// Travis Johnson, surrealist "stike"

Upcoming @ The Exchange:

March 24
Tania Asili
Gary the Storyteller
Oskar Castro
Alabaster McDougle
Stumblin Munx

April 7
Stare Syndicate
Rachael & Chris


Community Cultural Exchange
P.O. Box 63808
Philadelphia, PA 19147


344 South Street
Philadelphia PA 19147

General Meetings

  • every other Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm
    at Starr Garden
    6th & Lombard Street
    Phone: 215-686-1782

**ncf** links:

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Published in the COLLECTIVE PRESS, Independent radical free monthly rag, in St. Augustine

subtext: [copies of this issue as well as other back issues are now available at the LAVA space public "library" at 4134 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, in the real 'hood!]


invited you to "Festival of Ostara at the Fountain of Youth" on Saturday, March 21 at 8:00pm.

Event: Festival of Ostara at the Fountain of Youth
What: Erotic Party
Host: The Universe
Start Time: Saturday, March 21 at 8:00pm
End Time: Sunday, March 22 at 1:00am
Where: Fountain of Youth

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This in from Tim Gilmore, editor of DeadPaper lit journal, via email:
The April 2009 deadpaper reading will take place on Friday, April 3rd, 7 p.m., at Chamblin's "Uptown," downtown Jacksonville, 215 Laura Street (less than a block south of the new Main Library and Heming Plaza)

[subtext: Ron Chamblin for my money is the current independent literary culture champion a class act and wisely kind very much to my mind like Lawrence Ferlinghetti and James Laughlin (who Frank Walsh was lucky enough to meet at the Pound /Williams Symposium at Penn in the early 80's, thanks to Andrew Lovatt) whereas he has stocked both his huge marvelous bookstores with all ULA Press titles plus Joe Pachinko's urinals of hell and C. Robin's Zen Baby and more including the UNHOLY SIDESHOW MOVIE, directed by the Alliance's Matt Broomfield.]
monthly readings are held the FIRST Friday of every month.

You'll soon hear about May's reading, which will be our publication party for the Spring 2009 issue!

Also soon coming, new collections from Lois Wilson, Joe Goosey, and at some point, yours truly. More word on those when we have it.

Come. Listen (or) read (or both). Sing. Play the guitar or the alphorn or prop up an Aeolian Harp in the doorway and pray for some wind. Have some wine. Have a pastry. Hang out. Browse for books before the reading. Meet people.

Support each other. It is your forum.


"The world is in my head. My body is in the world."
--Paul Auster

pirates of somalia? Hmm.... sounds like a great song or musical... like Rodgers and Hammerstein....

"The Pirates of Somalia
are a wacky funny bunch,
They'll welcome you with open arms,
and then have you for lunch.

they drink a lot of rum
and they screw a lot of holes
oh! to be a pirate in Somalia!
where they never do grow old..."
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On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 5:54 AM, frank walsh <> wrote:
Gawd, the pirates in Somalia are having better luck than the free philly wireless!?



Michael is not available to chat

Michael Donnelly

to me
show details 11/19/08

"The Pirates of Somalia,,,,
I want to tell you more....
they have had gay marriage
since 1794...."
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


LEGEND: upper, SUNDAY, MARCH 15TH// lower, FRIDAY THE 13TH...

Arriving in the nick of time or is it "neck", well this will make sense perhaps when the chance interlocutor gets a gander the modus operandi of the grand opening collective art show at a new and hopefully enduring "gift horse stared in the mouth" hosted gallery on South Street--- part of the so so attempt by South Street and Head House Square Business Assocs. to up the ante by maybe baiting and switching free art spaces on the "straped" profit margins merged along the cultural/ commercial corridor on the head- waters of the old Southwark district that hugs the river and mummer-land, or is it th other way 'round (one can only hope for such!). Whatever the case one can only sincerely wish the attempt on the part of the enlightened land-lords success in their attempt, otherwise wish the artists and especially SAINT MARCH AT 7TH & SOUTH success and flourish for real (being honest in their case!), as shades of the Seventies, the artists are being deployed to bring back foot- traffic and them thar new freesh minted dollars back to the track for abetting!

Anyway as this blog was assaying, just in the neck of time Tim Dunn comes running in to the Rotunda ULA/the Idiom Mag Anthology Big Lit Action Reading show with Reed or is it Read
with arms full of hand-bill fliers posting another event one that this ULA cat has been anticpating, waiting for with fingers crossed since he happened to falll back into the circle of Gothicks, ie. Bagdadadelphia back in late last October--- a seeming no holds barred, deep grass roooted radical poetry reading and representing, whether they like it or not, the underground writers and poets and zinesters, of Philadelphia, more so, of West Philadelphia (Yes Richmond, there is a difference!) in the "place", on the spot most likely to naturally bolster and sensitize such a situation. Namely the LANCASTER AVENUE AUTONOMOUS space at 42nd and Lancaster Ave. approached most surely and securely if that be important to those wishing to attend by the number 10 subway/surace trolley heading west, of course.
This is besides last Saturday's ULA presents event and mad cap literary revelation the most important underground literary resistance situ to hit the city since the beginning of the new year. Get up the nerve screw your heads back on and get yourself to the LAVA in the 'hood were the American English is parleys and in your face. This is where one learns and hears the "Voice That Is Great Within Us". Ula will be there out in force!