Wednesday, March 11, 2009


LEGEND: upper, SUNDAY, MARCH 15TH// lower, FRIDAY THE 13TH...

Arriving in the nick of time or is it "neck", well this will make sense perhaps when the chance interlocutor gets a gander the modus operandi of the grand opening collective art show at a new and hopefully enduring "gift horse stared in the mouth" hosted gallery on South Street--- part of the so so attempt by South Street and Head House Square Business Assocs. to up the ante by maybe baiting and switching free art spaces on the "straped" profit margins merged along the cultural/ commercial corridor on the head- waters of the old Southwark district that hugs the river and mummer-land, or is it th other way 'round (one can only hope for such!). Whatever the case one can only sincerely wish the attempt on the part of the enlightened land-lords success in their attempt, otherwise wish the artists and especially SAINT MARCH AT 7TH & SOUTH success and flourish for real (being honest in their case!), as shades of the Seventies, the artists are being deployed to bring back foot- traffic and them thar new freesh minted dollars back to the track for abetting!

Anyway as this blog was assaying, just in the neck of time Tim Dunn comes running in to the Rotunda ULA/the Idiom Mag Anthology Big Lit Action Reading show with Reed or is it Read
with arms full of hand-bill fliers posting another event one that this ULA cat has been anticpating, waiting for with fingers crossed since he happened to falll back into the circle of Gothicks, ie. Bagdadadelphia back in late last October--- a seeming no holds barred, deep grass roooted radical poetry reading and representing, whether they like it or not, the underground writers and poets and zinesters, of Philadelphia, more so, of West Philadelphia (Yes Richmond, there is a difference!) in the "place", on the spot most likely to naturally bolster and sensitize such a situation. Namely the LANCASTER AVENUE AUTONOMOUS space at 42nd and Lancaster Ave. approached most surely and securely if that be important to those wishing to attend by the number 10 subway/surace trolley heading west, of course.
This is besides last Saturday's ULA presents event and mad cap literary revelation the most important underground literary resistance situ to hit the city since the beginning of the new year. Get up the nerve screw your heads back on and get yourself to the LAVA in the 'hood were the American English is parleys and in your face. This is where one learns and hears the "Voice That Is Great Within Us". Ula will be there out in force!