Monday, March 16, 2009

LAVA underground zeen and writng council rock

above: two of SUSAN SUBWAYS excellent per-zines taking to the next level with a hook of open eyed and celebratory street rooted and 'hood social real commentary in every speaking sentence...

below: Reed Books incredibly multi-dimensional and beautifully wrought meta-zine replete with four-color vellum "inner lays" and a CD of his action-reading this epic anarchist tome of sardonic and socio-economic proportions. ENOUGH said!

MANDY KATZ pulls a fast one,
flourishing "found" poetry: a bicycle repair manual that would give ee cummings a run for his mullah!

above: PAUL WALKER'S samizdat chap without reservations; touching mystically stoked lyrik findings of the transformational working class kind with ample pen and ink sketches by artist CORIN DROSS

Bicycle- engineer ( at the shop on the second floor above the Satellite Coffee Shop, in the Firehouse, southside Baltimore Ave. and 50th ) Walker reads to the full circle of the Friday the 13th of March gathering, 4135 Lancaster Avenue.


Mz. Subways story- tells for the urban ear and conscience ...

REED who is also a rad musicians in his own writes enters into the stream that is...

... The Nothing Factory!

host Dave Onion , the brains and heart in the LAVA autonomous space
[center] Kenneth [far right]: super-real prose vignettes of situations and and the people in 'em were shocking in their honesty but as well put down on the page and then read as any of the best writing to be experienced in the "underground!

Claire Christina
's subtle yet exceeding sharp verse allowed one to levitate for as long as their savor reverberated in the individual sensibilties.

"Jeepers "narrative poetry, free associative and thoughtful at the same instant, skimmed the universal while impressively resisting generalization.

Everyone included who read stood in the light and read with honesty, clarity, embracing plurality with natural voice confidently wielding efficient skill. What a break from the disconnect of typical academic and corporate literary events that hypnotized their unfortunate staid audiences with monotony and "sincere" posings...

A glimpse of the LAVA library as James Brown' s heads looks onward